Presenting Doctor Presentation Title    
Abdulla Naqi Glaucoma Express, Early Experience. PDF
Abdulla Naqi Cataract New Fluidics Platform, the Centurion Era. PDF
Ahmed Assaf Advanced Fluidics for Better Outcomes During Phacoemulsification. PDF
Ahmed Assaf Filling The Gap In Presbyopic Refractive Lens Exchange. PDF
Ahmed Assaf SECOND DEBATE: Femtosecond-assisted Cataract Surgery is Safe! Pros vs. Cons. PDF
Ahmed El Masri Astigmatic Effect of Clear Corneal Incision.   PDF
Ahmed Elmarsafawy Unilateral Vision Loss. PDF
Ahmed Ghoneim Endocapsular Hooks & Cionni Capsular Rings in Severely Subluxated Lenses with Phacoemulsification PDF
Ahmed Moustafa Abd El Rahman The Triple Effect of Glaucoma Medications. PDF
Ahmed Ragab Acute Ocular Deviation ... What to Do? PDF
Ahmed Saeed Femto Assisted Keratoplasty. PDF
Ahmed Saeed Stem Cell Transplantation After 6 Years of Lime Burn. PDF
Alaa Rashad Misleading Astigmatism. PDF
Fathi Fawzi Retained Fragments as a New Downside to New Technologies. PDF
Khaled Fawzi Femto ICR. PDF
Mahmoud Ismail Myoring for refractive correction in Keratoconus PDF
Mahmoud Ismail Future of Keratoplasty. PDF
Mahmoud Morsi Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery. PDF
Medhat Shawky Femto Flaps: How did they change my Refractive Practice? PDF
Mohamed El Kateb ICL in Children   PDF
Mohamed El Masry A Case of Bilateral Retinal Neovasculaization. PDF
Mohamed Gameel THIRD DEBATE: Management of Post Premium IOLs Refractive Problems, Corneal vs. Lenticular Approach PDF
Mohamed Hosny FIRST DEBATE: Femtosecond-Assisted vs. Manual Keratoplasty PDF
Mohamed Hosny Femtosecond Keratoplasty. PDF
Mohamed Samir Keratoprosthesis in Combined Vitrectomy and PKP. PDF
Osama El Nahrawi Femtocataract Different Steps Illustrated. PDF
Ramy Awad Analysis of Risk Factors for Suction Loss in Femtosmile Cases. PDF
Rowayda Amin Expect The Unexpected, Uveitis Case Presentation. PDF
Saleh AL Messabi 2 Years Experience with LenSx, What We Learned? PDF
Saleh AL Messabi SECOND DEBATE: Femtosecond-assisted Cataract Surgery is Safe! Pros vs. Cons. PDF
Saleh AL Mosabi DSAEK using Tan Endoglide   PDF
Saleh AL Mosabi Intra- Corneal Rings for Keratoconus, Does It Work? PDF
Sylvana Abou El Kheir Lamellar Keratoplasty. PDF
Tamer El Ragaal FIRST DEBATE: Femtosecond-Assisted vs. Manual Keratoplasty PDF
Tarek Abdel Razek Clear Corneal Incision and Endophthalmitis. PDF
Waleed Al Tuwarqi Recent trend in Presbyotic Treatment: New Surgical Approach with Small Aperture Corneal Inlay PDF
Waleed Al Tuwarqi ICR followed by PRK+CXL, Two Steps Approach For Moderate Keratoconus.   PDF


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We would like to welcome you to attend the 30th Annual Meeting of Egyptian Society of Ocular Implants and Refractive Surgery (ESOIRS) which will be held on 25 - 26 April, 2018 at Hilton Heliopolis Hotel, Cairo, Egypt  joint with Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Miami,USA, and Red Sea Ophthalmology Symposium - Jeddah 2018.

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