Doctor's Name
Presentation Title
Abdallah Hassouna What Am I Doing New This Year? PDF
Ahmed Ali Ahmed Unusual Presentation of Lid Tumor PDF
Ahmed El Massry What Am I Doing New This Year? PDF
Ahmed El Massry Decision Making In Keratoconus PDF
Ahmed El Massry Early Experience Acrysof Restor Toric IOL PDF
Ahmed Metwalli Management of Neglected Rupture Globe in Pediatrics (Case Series) PDF
Ahmed Shama What Am I Doing New This Year? PDF
Alaa Abdel Salam Case Presentation PDF
Alaa Ghaith Decision Making in Keratoconus PDF
Amr Saeed A Suspicious Corneal Lesion in a child (Case Report) PDF
Amr Saeed Combined ICR and CXL in Keratconus PDF
Ashraf Sweilam Prophylaxis Against Endophthalmitis PDF
Engy Mostafa Prevalence of thin cornea in Upper EGYPT PDF
Ihab Osman Pentacam PDF
Mahmoud Moustafa Sutureless Scleral Fixation of PC IOL (Case Presentation) PDF
Mehmet Soyler My Clinical Experience and Reading Performance with ReSTOR +2.50 and +3.00 PDF
Mohamed Ashraf Elmasry A Mysterious Case of Uveitis PDF
Mohamed El Baradee Case Presentation PDF
Mohamed El Kateb Trans-epithelial Corneal Cross Linking for the Treatment of Keratoconus PDF
Mohamed El Khawaga Carotid – Cavernous Fistula PDF
Mohsen Abou Shousha Case Presentation PDF
Moones Abdallah One-Year Results of Combined Procedures ICRS & CXL using Femtosecond Laser for Tunnel followed by Topography-guided Surface Ablation for Keratoconic Eyes PDF
Mostafa Nabih Zonules PDF
Nader Bayoumi Didactic Course (Glaucoma Beyond IOP) PDF
Omar Barrada How to Tackle a Mature Cataract PDF
Rami Awad Intended versus Real Ablation Depth in Conventional and Topography-guided LASIK. PDF


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