Presenting Doctor Presentation Title  
Aasem Zahran Phaco and Toric sutures for Keratoconus PDF
Abdallah Hassouna What I’m doing differently this year PDF
Adel Abdel-Fattah Applications of Femto-Laser in refractive surgery PDF
Ahmed Assaf Customized aspheric IOL implantation PDF
Ahmed Assaf Toric IOL implantation PDF
Ahmed El Massry Advanced Phacoemulsification PDF
Ahmed El Massry Restor IOL implantation PDF
Ahmed El Massry Intraoperative management of astigmatism: part 2 PDF
Ahmed El-Massry Refracrive lens exchange PDF
Ahmed El-Massry Presbylasik VS Multifocal IOLs PDF
Ahmed Osman Update of Ocular allergy PDF
Ahmed Sedky 4 years experience with Ferrara Rings PDF
Ahmed Sedky CCL Vs Intra-Corneal Rings PDF
Ahmed Shama Use of aberrometers in cataract surgery PDF
Ahmed Shama Aspheric IOL implantation PDF
Ahmed Shama Our Early Experience with (Visumax) Femto Flap Making PDF
Ahmed Shama A Look at Presby-LASIK PDF
Alaa El Zawawi What is Premium IOLs? PDF
Alaa El Zawawi Phakic IOLs: Iris claw lens vs ICL PDF
Ashraf Sweilam What I’m doing differently this year PDF
Fathi Fawzi Fine tuning of Phacoemulsification Surgery PDF
Hani Helali Effect of preplanned OZ diameter on LASIK predictabil PDF
Hazem Kandil Sub Bowman Keratomileusis (SBK) PDF
Hazem Yassin Fine Tuning of Cataract Surgery Outcome PDF
Hazem Yassin Phakic IOLs: Iris claw lens vs ICL PDF
Hussein Ali IOL Implantation after LASIK. PDF
Ihab Osman DLK to wash or not to wash PDF
Ihab Saad Cataract surgery: beware of the unexpected! PDF


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